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CrimeBloc is a browser based, online multi-player game. Set in present day Eastern Europe.

The premise of the game is to rise up through the ranks of Organized Crime, gaining wealth and respect amongst your fellow players. Stay at the top of the food chain and act with a heavy hand towards those who would defy your rule.

In CrimeBloc you can be anyone and do anything. Build your character to infinite strengths and play it your way.

the possibilities
More Infos incoming!
A variety of crimes are available for you, each with a chance of success or failure and varying levels of payouts.
Own Properties in the cities of Yerevan, Odessa, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Dominate the competition!
Make your family name a powerful statement. Take over territories and manage your Turf and operations.
Get information of potential Targets. Send a deadly message or make the enemy pay.
Take Risks for high rewards to your heart's content. Top spender? Then buy the whole casino for steady income.
A wide range of options will be given to make sure your character feels and plays uniquely.

What are we working on?


In order to stay true to the origin of the game yet maintain modularity for future innovations we have to make sure that we build each CrimeBloc user journey from the ground up with a stable foundation.


BlocEngine tm

We are currently working on the core game design engine of all interactions and events within the world of CrimeBloc. Using a probablistic value for a succesful outcome allows use to create a multitude of factors that would influence your chances of a desired result.
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