Our Developers Need Help!

War in Ukraine

Our browser game CrimeBloc is based in Eastern Europe and was actively played for over a decade. Since 2021, we are working on a relaunch and a modern version of it. Luckily, all our developers, hands and brains are based in Ukraine and the team does an excellent job in rebuilding CrimeBloc with tokenized features, such as our characters.

With the outbreak of the war, our team is personally facing incomparable challenges, but our team is still working, and we also see the chance to extend the story of our game to recent happenings and take care for our colleagues at the same time.

We have reopened our NFT Minting Site and there are still NFTs unsold: https://nft.crimebloc.com/ The funds acquired through the sale so far went directly into paying our Ukrainian developers and every revenue for future NFT sales will be landing directly in the hands of our Ukrainian colleagues as well.

They all need our help!

We are in a war and need your help to win the fight. Not just virtually but in Ukraine in real life!

Some of our guys made it through the borders and are heading west, others are actively resisting the russian invasion.

Instead of putting their hands on a Kalashnikov, they would rather continue using their keyboards.

There is literally no work except developing the new CrimeBloc and cash is hard to get. Crypto is a well accepted currency, so we may not even have to exchange the ADA for USD and can save on transaction fees while staying liquid and paying our developers directly in ADA.
Please help by buying an NFT here!
Some of our Ukrainian Developers
More Infos incoming!
A variety of crimes are available for you, each with a chance of success or failure and varying levels of payouts.
Own Properties in the cities of Yerevan, Odessa, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Dominate the competition!
Make your family name a powerful statement. Take over territories and manage your Turf and operations.
Get information of potential Targets. Send a deadly message or make the enemy pay.
Take Risks for high rewards to your heart's content. Top spender? Then buy the whole casino for steady income.
A wide range of options will be given to make sure your character feels and plays uniquely.

Play your unique character

2,500 unique NFTs

Get one of our 2,500 unique NFTs and start create your own mafia empire in Eastern Europe.

You will own a part of the game.
More Information

BlocEngine tm

We are currently working on the core game design engine of all interactions and events within the world of CrimeBloc. Using a probablistic value for a succesful outcome allows use to create a multitude of factors that would influence your chances of a desired result.

What are we working on?


In order to stay true to the origin of the game yet maintain modularity for future innovations we have to make sure that we build each CrimeBloc user journey from the ground up with a stable foundation.




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